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Holly Bell is Back

She is our logo.
From the movie,
"Ah! My Goddess The Movie"
Author, Kosuke Fujishima

Belldandy is the main character in this movie.
She is a Goddess of the Present.
He comes from heaven to grant wishes and the story goes...

Keiichi said, "Okay, here is my wish....
I want YOU to stay with me forever."
And so it was the begining.
Belldandy's Angel spirit is Holy Bell, Angel of wind.
Kind hearted Holy Bell!
However, she is the only angel that has been shown to cry.
Maybe as a reflection of her sensitivity to humans.

She is Holy Bell our logo.
Here She guards "Elaine's Angels" protecting them from harm.
Singing a wind spell, to calm the breeze.
She'll lift your spirits and soar you through the air.
Gently her heart sings...and her heart gives...


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In Memory of Turk

Angels may come in many forms. All which may not always be in heaven, but here on Earth among us. These pages are dedicated to my dear loving Son, Turk. an Angel among us. He is the Angel in my life.

He taught that love never ends. He will forever be by my side, giving me his smile and gentle hand. Always! I began to write about my angels, an answer that my heart received because he was so loved.

For all of those who read here. May the Writings here inspire your heart and give you peace. If you are in need of an Angel, we're here. This is for you. The love of angels and all who believe... That Angels are among us.

You will want to return and return often. I will be updating this site from time to time, bringing you more and more words to live by. Have a wonderful time may not want to leave. Thanks for stopping by. Send me a note would love to hear your feedback and insights on your experiences with angels.


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